Algeria has been long perceived investor unfriendly despite the improvements made since 2019 in the hydrocarbons and finance laws providing opportunities and incentives for foreign investment.

Security concerns for the 1990s had been predominant in the mainstream media have negatively impacted its attractiveness despite being over three decades ago.

The last 20 years have been quite peaceful times during which Algeria has rebuilt most of its infrastructure providing great access to the most isolated regions and has invigorated subsidized industries and businesses. Now having reached maturity, the Algerian economical players are now seeking to enter global markets.

Algeria is the 4th largest economy by GDP in Africa, with an educated workforce and a population of near 45 Million (Source UN World Population Prospects 2022) with 99% electrification and one of the worlds cheapest cost of power and fuel; providing a solid base for developing opportunities.

Doing business in Algeria requires a thorough knowledge of its history and the social dynamics; aspects on which we can add value to your project by refining your strategy to fit with local context.

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